List of international matches between Lebanon and South Korea

Español, however, was unable to strike and lost 0-2. Atlético Madrid captured the league title, breaking Real Madrid's dominance. In 1964, Di Stéfano won his eighth national title in eleven years with Real Madrid. Although Di Stéfano was already 38 years old, he could still count on the interest of European top clubs after his departure from Real Madrid. Although the native Argentinian had a long career and represented several national teams, he never played in a World Cup. Shortly before the game, the striker was injured, although he did not have a doctor's certificate. In the last training before the game against Atlético Madrid, Muñoz came with the surprising announcement that Di Stéfano would not play. The duel took place at the Kazan Arena in Kazan. In the game for third place, Brazil beat Italy. The tournament was played from May 30 to June 11, 2011 in Italy. He knew that this meant the end and asked Bernabéu to break his contract, which ran until June 1964, so that he could go on holiday in advance. Three days later, Bernabéu and Saporta motivated the coach's decision.

On April 20, two days after the plan was announced, all English clubs withdrew from the Super League. In it, the later winner FC Barcelona turned out to be too strong over two matches. During his career as a club footballer, Thuram also celebrated great triumphs as a player for AS Monaco, AC Parma, Juventus and FC Barcelona. The second club from Barcelona had fought against relegation the year before, but had a wealthy vice-president in Juan Vilá Reyes. In this way, Real Madrid could take revenge on its successor as winner of the previous year. And indeed: after a 1-4 loss against Brazil, the team finished last in its group with only 1 point. With 1 out of 6 and one match to play against Brazil, qualification for the eighth finals seemed far away. They have won 12 titles in European UEFA club competitions, have been featured in many finals and have been regular contenders in the final stages almost every season. Saporta would have preferred to invite Internazionale, as he expected the Italians to win the European Cup I at the expense of Celtic that season. In addition, he reached a European Cup I final for the seventh time with his club.

Di Stéfano came to 24 league matches in which he scored 7 times. He ended his career in Spain with 227 goals in 329 league matches. Di Stéfano came to 396 official matches for Real Madrid in which he scored 308 goals. Cenk Tosun, Deniz Türüç and Cengiz Ünder scored on behalf of Turkey, but goals from Ante Budimir, Mario Pašalić and Josip Brekalo made it 3-3. Bašić had to start on the reserve bench from national coach Zlatko Dalić and he was allowed to fill in for Milan Badelj after an hour of play. However, the nearly 38-year-old Di Stéfano wanted to keep playing and turned down the offer, which felt like an insult. He received offers from Celtic and AC Milan, but Di Stéfano preferred to stay in Spain and had previously given his verbal commitment to Español. The former player may have wanted to avoid a confrontation with his former fans in Madrid. In the event of a defeat, city rivals Real Madrid would win the title for the sixth consecutive time.

The commander of the rebel group, Maximo Canales, led the kidnapping and was with me the entire time. He apologized a thousand times for the inconvenience. For the premiere, Di Stéfano was reunited as a publicity stunt with the rebel group leader Maximo Canales, who now operated as an artist under the name Paul del Rio. The name refers to an eagle owl that flew into the Olympic stadium in Helsinki during a match of the national team against Belgium. His unofficial debut for Español took place during a friendly campaign in Germany against Bayern Munich. Di Stéfano was present during the home game in Sarrià. With this number, he was Real Madrid's most accurate player for decades, korea jersey until Raúl (323) and then Cristiano Ronaldo (451) took over the record from him. Coincidentally, the official debut in the competition followed against Di Stéfano's former club Real Madrid. Despite Real Madrid's attacking play, the Scots won the prestige game through a goal from Bobby Lennox. The final battle against Internazionale would herald Di Stéfano's departure from Real Madrid. At the first reunion with his former teammates, he lost 1-2. Di Stéfano had to miss the return match in Madrid due to an injury. In the final, Real Madrid quickly turned out to be the underlying party.