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There were no really big surprises among the dropouts, but more was expected from Hungary, Czechoslovakia, England and Argentina. Just like against England, the virtuoso South Americans had trouble finding openings, Garrincha in particular could not express himself as well as against the Soviet Union. It is generally accepted that the modern form of football originated in the United Kingdom, perhaps in England. This tournament also serves as a qualifying tournament for the 1993 FIFA World Cup under 20. The tournament was originally supposed to be held in 1993, but because of the World Cup, it was brought forward to 1992. The three best countries in this tournament qualify, namely Brazil, Colombia and Uruguay. The club qualified through the group stage for the final, moroccan soccer team which they won 3:0 against Ludwigshafener FC Pfalz. They were the first club on this island to be promoted. The surprises of the tournament were Wales and Northern Ireland. The tournament was notable for low spectators for the games outside Santiago, the goal average which was below three goals per game for the first time and especially the hard play. It became 1-1 over two games, Sudan qualified for the second round, because of the away goals rule. Brazil conceded its first two goals in this tournament, but they won big 5-2. The French were handicapped, because defender and captain Jonquet had to be injured at a 1-1 score.

The match ended in a 1-1 draw. The club went neck and neck with SC Preußen Münster and just before the last match day, Nürnberg had a goal difference of 13:12 and Münster 14:14. The number of goals in the last game was therefore of great importance. The draw for the final round took place on January 18, 1962 in Santiago. Viña del Mar was the regular place for the reigning world champion Brazil. West Germany again qualified for the semi-finals, Hungary and Austria were eliminated by Sweden and Brazil respectively, France took Uruguay's place. Jashin was alert again against the old world champion Uruguay and the Russians won 2-1. The Yugoslavs also qualified for the next round with clear victories over Colombia and the once strong Uruguay, which clearly had a lesser generation in the early sixties. Japanese football player who plays as a striker for FC Gifu.

One football player is the captain. After an equally heavy tackle from the Swedes, the German captain Fritz Walter also had to leave the field. This game was also won by the Russians, now 2-0. The Russians had to continue with ten men deep into the second half, because a rough tackle from a Yugoslavian resulted in a broken leg, the first signal for an excessively hard tournament. In 1974, a second round was played for the first time consisting of group matches, and no quarter- and semi-finals as in the previous editions. The draw for the World Cup final round was made on Saturday, January 5, 1974 in Frankfurt am Main (West Germany). Fontaine scored twice for France again. The places of Switzerland and Uruguay were taken by Sweden, France and Northern Ireland. In the second half, the Italians went down 2-0. Since Chile had also beaten Switzerland in the first game, the host country had qualified for the quarter-finals. The painful defeat also had a beneficial effect for West Germany, it now avoided Brazil and the Netherlands in the next round. West Germany eventually became group winners by beating Chile in the last game: 2-0. Italy-Switzerland no longer had any value, but the Italians were now welcomed by the Chileans.

The 3-0 win was enough to qualify for the next round. He still participated in the entire match, but had no input at all, Brazil was upset and the Czechs thought it was fine: 0-0. Pelé would not play another match this tournament, a big loss for Brazil and the tournament. The large expanse of the country of Brazil was an obstacle to organizing a national competition. That was a unique achievement, as Fontaine joined the team at the last minute, as the regular French striker was injured. They made Sweden Olympic champions, then left for AC Milan, could no longer play for the national team due to their professional status, but came back in 1958 to let Sweden fulfill a successful world championship. No less than nine of the regular starting players of the World Cup in 1958 tried to defend their title. Brazil easily became group winners and the title was settled in a final group with four teams.

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