All of our Retail Stores in Kirksville will restrict their hours of operation to what is in the sole convenience and interest of the Publisher and his staff. Until such time as The Municipality of Kirksville lives up to its moral and ethical obligation by paying for the DAMAGES it has caused

In May 2002 portions of The FBN Press Publisher’s Research Collection of Historic Documents, housed here at its facility in Kirksville, Missouri, and items in The Book Exchange were irreparably damaged by workmen under the direction of the Kirksville City Manager.

In a wide sweeping decision it was decided to no longer maintain a public viewing policy on all parts of The Collection; to close the public facility handling its Historic Osteopathic Research Material & Artifacts (and by association historic Northeast Missouri / State Teachers College – Truman University material); and to decrease the amount of material owned by the Publisher’s Collection that is no longer deemed to fit into the breadth of the Collection’s Mission.

Do you wish you could still have free access this research material?